I Want To Hold Your Hand



Yeah, you got that something
I think you’ll understand
When I say that something
I wanna hold your hand




5 thoughts on “I Want To Hold Your Hand

  1. My goodness: The beatles…that is before my time, but I must say; To see all those girls going completely bezerk, is just so much fun to whatch! That woman in the white coat….And then that photographer at 1:05 yes. Good stuff 😉

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    • I also enjoyed the clip a lot 🙂
      Last week I read that A Hard Day´s Night (the film) had been restored and as soon as I saw this couple on the tube this song came to my mind.
      I remember my days at high school (ohlala) listening The Beatles every single weekend: I used to travel with a woman in her fifties who were a fan of them and she had all the discography in cassettes that she played in her car. Since then, I learned a lot of songs by heart and I love singing them out loud (proved mood elevator!)

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  2. Yes!! So I was just about to write that they have restored ‘A hard days night’ for the 50th anniversary and it is playing in select theaters. We went last Sunday night & it was so fun!! I love the Beatles. Truly, one of the best ever!

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