A Rock and Roll Thank You for Montserrat Sobral Dorado

Love it!

Benoît Beaudry

Oh! I have been nominated for a «Wonderful Blog Award!»

By Montserrat Sobral! … ¡Muchas gracias! Yeah!

(Of course, I know it’s not a Grammy Awards nomination or anything close, haha, but I sure appreciate that you included my blog in that list, Montserrat)  🙂

Note: This piece was improvised at the same time as the video was shot in one go. A second voice was recorded over the live one, plus a piano, a bass drum and a snare. Rock & Roll!

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9 thoughts on “A Rock and Roll Thank You for Montserrat Sobral Dorado

  1. Bonjour Montserrat,

    Since you talked about a «Monster rat» and it inspired me a short song, I wonder if we should push this a bit, creatively, by matching some of your photos to a short video I could do to fit that song?

    Is it something of interest to you? If not, no problem. It is just that I want to gradually collaborate more with other artists and I saw a possibility there.

    (There couldn’t be any money involved in this, though, but I could put credits and links to anywhere that you want. But of course, feel 100% free to say no if, for whatever reasons, that’s not something you’d like to do.

    P.S.: I have no clue where to send you a version of that short song if you’d like, though, because I don’t see any contact info on your blog.


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