6 thoughts on “I Know You Are, But Who Am I?

    • Thank you so much Amanda!
      No, I don’t…to be honest it never crossed my mind, but it is a great idea! I won’t have the time until I finish my exams (February! OMG!!) but I will let you know when I do it 😉


    • I am glad I have linked a picture to one of your favourite bands!
      I have taken this picture almost one year ago, when I visited Puerto Varas, a city in the South of Chile. I took it from the balcony of a museum called Pablo Fierro (Pablo Fierro is a painter, and he did a wonderful restoration work on a colonial house, transforming it into a museum where you can see not only his paintings, but a collection of objects and lot of stuff full of stories and magic; here is the link to the website). The view is LLanquihue lake and, as far as I know, the stones you can see are from an old deck. I honestly prefer the North of Chile (as you can see for the number of pictures I have!) but the South is also stunning, with lakes and volcanos and great beer!!

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