12 thoughts on “Danza de Cariño

  1. What a beautiful couple! What exactly this music means to you? Why did you choose it for your parents’ photo? Check out my last post – right in the middle is a video, a harp music 🙂 I am certain you will love it 🙂

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    • Yes they are a good team! 😉
      I chose Danza de Cariño for more than one reason: first of all it’s a Galician folk piece of music, performed by Milladoiro (one of those classics bands in folk!). I have learnt from them to embrace my culture and connect with it (maybe the best way to begin to know oneself?). Besides, Cariño (the title means Cariño’s Dance) is the name of a little village, but it also means “love”, “warmth” or “beloved”, “dear”… And when I listen to this song I always have a feeling of peace, as when you are ready for a good night sleep (I say this because it’s one of my fav things in the world!!), love the strings sounds in it….
      I am checking your post, with or without harp, they are always the perfect mix between writing and photography and don’t want to miss it. Thanks for passing by, Inese! Best wishes

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