The Big Dream



I arrived on Monday from Costa Rica. A one week road trip with my husband, the best travel partner. He respects my need to stop in the middle of the road to take a picture (when apparantly there’s nothing to be photographed), my music selection, my silence…

September has been an intense month, one of those impossible to forget. This travel has been the perfect closure.

I took this picture in Cahuita, where we spent the last two days before going back to San José, the capital. It’s a small town in the South of the country that faces the Atlantic ocean. We were passing by to visit the National Park, only five minutes walking from this beach. Not only the coast is amazing, the whole country is breathtaking: the light, the sound of the nature, the people, the forests…the big dream.

12 thoughts on “The Big Dream

      • The flight is expensive but once there you can find cheap places to stay, plus the food is delicious and very affordable (the best is going where locals go). September is a great month to visit Costa Rica because the weather is great but is not high season yet. Hope you can manage to go someday 🙂


  1. Welcome back! Fantastic music, and the photograph made me chuckle – such resemblance with the cover photo 🙂 Isn’t photography all about being in the right place at the right time? 🙂

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