I’ll Try Anything Once


Click on the image to listen to I’ll Try Anything Once – The Strokes


5 thoughts on “I’ll Try Anything Once

    • Yes 🙂 I took this picture in my bathroom. The other one you can see behind me was taken in Orense, Spain, some years ago. I used the bulb light as a flash on my face, that is why I look like a ghost, but a romantic one, from my point of view. This picture is talking about feeling drowned, overwhelmed, in an unreal sea… I guess is a feeling everybody experience at least once in a lifetime. Fear. Anxiety. Panic.
      And then you take a deep breath (learning how to breath: one of the best lessons I took in my twenties) and somehow realize there is a firm land under your feet, or you can go with the flow, and relax, and float. All you have to do is trying, at least once.
      It feels good writing this down! Thank you so much Inese

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