Isn’t She Lovely



Last week David and I attended to a concert in a pub called The Jazz Corner in Barrio Italia, Santiago. It was our first time in this place because, when going for a jazz night, we didn’t have second thoughts on  Telonius in Bellavista. Both are different but share the vibes that good music, kind people and  good live music bring to a bar, so we’ll repeat for sure.

The first song we listened was a cover by the Stevie Wonder’s classic Isn’t She Lovely, which I, as any of his songs, adore 🙂 When searching for the theme to link to my photograph I found this cover. It’s different but it keeps the essence of the lyrics so well! Hope you enjoy it!


13 thoughts on “Isn’t She Lovely

  1. I so love this song! My internet isn’t great tonight, I couldn’t open your link, but I copied and pasted the Korean letters in youtube, and I think I got the right one 🙂 Thank you for all the beautiful music and great photography!

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  2. Oh! By the way, Montserrat,
    Remember I was working on a video with some of your images? My PC drive froze, then died for good; taking many, many projects with it (I’m so dumb I didn’t back my stuff!). Just a word to say it was taking form nicely. Maybe someday I’ll try something again 🙂

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